About Us

Story about Tsahaylu.com

Tsahaylu.com was created by several developers who like to share links to each other. Every time when they want to share the page that they are reading, they need to open a lot of applications and copy the link address then paste it. They feel it's not convenience, so they decided to create a tool that could share links just click one button. Finally, they made it. That is Tsahaylu chrome extension.

The name Tsahaylu was inpired by James Cameron's movie Avatar. In the movie, Tsahaylu is a Na'vi word meaning a bond (neural connection). This bond takes place when two creatures of Pandora connect their queues. Then they can communication with each other without any words. We hope that we can link to each other like Na’vis using Tsahaylu.com in our world.

Tsahaylu.com is not a business company and we don’t make money from it. We built it because we like to share it to more peoples. So we devoted our spare time to Tsahaylu project. Maybe there are many bugs in our pages. We will keep fixing and improving it. In the first couple of years, we used the domain name Tsahaylu.net when Tsahaylu.com is not available. Now we have migrated to Tsahaylu.com.

Any questions please contact us at support@tsahaylu.com.